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November 2, 2016: 

We VERY PROUDLY announce that Hope For our Own: An LA Story has been accepted to the Pembroke Taparelli Art and Film Festival and will be screening November 2. For details, please follow the link HERE: 



WE PROUDLY ANNOUCE that our trailer for the film has been selected to screen at the New Media Film Festival, June 10-11, 2014.  Details to come! 



WE PROUDLY ANNOUCE that Hope for Our Own: An LA Story 10-minute version will be screening at the Burbank International Film Festival, September 3-7, 2014. Please come out and see all the amazing films.  See the schedule here at:



WE PROUDLY ANNOUCE that Hope for Our Own: An LA Story won the Audience Choice Award at the screening of the Santa Monica Int'l Teen Film Festival, Session 1, June 6, 2014.  


October 8, 2014:  ANNOUNCEMENT

WE PROUDLY ANNOUCE that Hope for Our Own: An LA Story 30-minute version will be screening at the Urban Media Film Festival, October 8-10, 2014. Please come out and see all the amazing films.  See the schedule here at:



WE PROUDLY ANNOUNCE that Hope for Our Own: An LA Story is a WINNER! Winner of the "BEST Short Documentary" and finalist at the DIY Film Festival, March 6, 2015.  We are honored to be acknowledged in such a phenomenal way! We thank our team and all the supporters of this film! 

July 15, 2015

We VERY PROUDLY announce that Hope For our Own: An LA Story is now available for viewing on IndieFlex. Please follow the link HERE: 



WE PROUDLY ANNOUCE that our film has been selected to screen at the Santa Monica Teen Film Festival, June 7 - 8, 2014.  There were over 300 submissions from around the world. 42 special films were selected and ours was one of them!  Come on out and support -- Admission is Free! Details can be found at

Feb-Apr: The "Hope" team at work:

Hope for our Own has been really busy -- Director, Riley, has been giving speeches and presentations on homelessness to community service groups in her area, the Toberman House, working with interested groups, setting up her volunteer time at Harbor Interfaith and her Socks for Souls, Inc. Jimmy, Co-director, has been spreading the word through interviews and serving Easter breakfast at LA Mission.

Feb Reviews, Gratitude and Write-ups: 

It is always a bit unnerving when releasing a project you've worked on for the first time. Especially when the content of the film is focused on giving a voice to others. As the filmmakers, we can tell you that the process took just under a year to complete, a long time when you are 15 and 18 (now 16 and 19). As the producer, along with Nik our editor, we had to find a way to cut down 28 hours of footage to less than an hour, and we had to create some form of structure out of an unstructured topic. Even though it is complete, we all still worry about whether or not we captured the great spirit and voices of the people in the film (gave the people the right representation of voice)and what the audience will take away. We want the audience to take away the idealisms, the thoughts and the inspiration to see things differently. We know that there may be a few glitches in the film but we hope these don't get in the way of people recieving the message.  Not being overly-experienced filmmakers, we both worry about "do we have this right?" However, thanks to the hard work of our editor, Nik Peter, Port of Los Angeles High School, Lee Sweet of the Warner Grand Theater, Pamela Costa, Michael Aspinwall and so many others, we had that magical moment,the moment of putting it all out there -- the release of our film. It was time to see what others think. How can words ever express the gratitude of community coming together to let the concept of this film become a reality?  Thank you hardly seems enough! We have been recieving e-mails and write-ups and would like you to visit our News section to have a look at what is being said.  We will be submitting to festivals when we can and we hope the world will accept its insight.  Thank you!!


FEB 20:  Free Screening occurred at the historical Warner Grand theatre in San Pedro, CA.  Over 150 guests came and a "CAR LOAD" of donations were accepted on behalf of Harbor Interfaith Shelter, along with financial donations.  We thank YOU!


Feb 6: Private Screening of Hope For Our Own

Despite rainy CA weather, a private screening of Hope For Our Own: An LA Story was held that the historic Warner Grand Theater, San Pedro on February 6. We are thankful for the 150 guests who were able to come out and experience the film. We want to thank generous donations on behalf of Pamela Arlene Events, The Warner Grand Theater, Linens by Royal Elegance, The Cline Family, Port of Los Angeles High School and many, many more! A great musical performance was put on by James Waite of The Galaxy Kids and we thank him!  We thank all of the shelters that came out and we thank our 15th district Councilman, Joe Buscaino for attending the event. Many volunteers and donations were involved in this great event and we are very grateful! We thank the following: Fox News, Anglophile TV, Random Lengths, Teens Wanna Know and San Pedro Today Magazine for covering the event. 




Jan 2:  Musical Artists come forward to help Hope For Our Own: An LA Story 

We want to thank The Galaxy Kids, Eva Prowse, Joshua Reeder, Soren Bryce Martin and Bryce Hitchcock for their amazing musical talents and helping us create a soundtrack for Hope For Our Own! See our music page for links to their websites and music.  

Dec 31 VO Artist Kathy Zurla Joins Hope Team 

We want to thank Kathy Zurla for lending her amazing voice to Hope For Our Own: An LA Story.  

Featured on Fox 11

Meet the Filmmakers









11-2-2016 Screening at the Pembroke Taparelli  Art and Film Festival @ Raleigh Studios. An honor to be a part of a great festival honoring social issues.



Very excited to be a FINALIST at the DIY  Film Festival -- Check out all the wonderful films by clicking the "official selection"









Very excited to be a part of Burbank Film Festival -- Check out all the wonderful films by clicking the "official selection"

Very excited to be a part of Urban Media Film Festival -- Check out all the wonderful films by clicking the "official selection"

Honored to be a part of the New Media Film Festival where our Trailer was featured.  Click "Official Selection" selection to find New Media Event:

Oct 31 Release of First Trailer:  

We want to thank our editor, Nik Peter and Musician/Songwriter/Actress, Soren Bryce Martin for their contribution to the trailer. 


Sept 1  Thank You's:

A special Thank you to Emily Bradley, Program Associate for Housing Stabilty at United Way of Greater Los Angeles and Michael Stoops of the National Coalition for the Homeless for supporting Hope For Our Own: An LA Story. We appreciate your willingness to promote and support us. 

Aug 28  Attending LA Council Event

We are excited to announce that we have been invited to cover the LA Council Sock Drive event.   

July 8  THANK YOU AND MORE Filming!

We want to thank for their support of our film! See the great write up here at


We are looking forward to meeting guests and specialists this week at The Covenant House, The Veteran's Administration, Ascencia, Rainbow Shelther and Harbor Interfaith.  Keep up with us and discover!

July 2  THANK YOU!

We are excited to share two great events! Our day at LAMP was incredible and we met the most amazing people!  A Big Thank you to the LAMP Community!  Also a HUGE thank you to Willie Pena of Teens Wanna Know for his great article on our project! We are very grateful! See it here at Teens Wanna Know!  

July 2  Filming Begins!!

We are excited to meet the members, clients and staff of the following shelters: Harbor Interfaith, Rainbow Shelter, Covenant House, The VA, Hope of the Valley Resuce Mission, Ascencia and LAMP.  

Jun 26 Excited to meet members and Staff

We will be touring shelters in the LA area.  After several behind the scene meetings and planning the initial steps towards making this "Call-to-Action" documentary begins! We have begun securing interviews and shooting schedules with local LA Shelters. Look for Hope for Our Own: An LA Story on facebook, on Twitter!

Jun 14 Celebrity Shout Outs!

We want to give a HUGE thank you to Tom Yi, Clint Jung and Haley Pullos for their Shout Outs, we have updated our Shout Out page! Watch for them this summer on the big screen! You can see them in Jobs,The Purge and General Hospital!! A BIG THANK YOU to our SPONSORS!

MAR 6 Two Friends & Creative Forces Join up

Jimmy Deshler and Riley Beres became friends through their leadership activities and involvement with Children in Film,an on line resource for entertainment industry professionals and families. As honorary board members, they were given the opportunity to deliver food drive items to and serve breakfast at Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission. After their experience with the people involved at the Mission, Jimmy and Riley became motivated to bring awareness to the community on the growing epidemic of homelessness. 

© 2013 by HopeForOurOwn



First Film Festival Submission!!

 Wish us Luck!!







FREE Public Screening  held at the Warner Grand, San Pedro

Private Invite Screening  held at the Warner Grand, San Pedro.

First Official Trailer Released and accepted to the Intertnational Movie Trailer Film Festival

We launched our Twitter!



We launched our Facebook!



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